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NMC Revalidation


What is Revalidation?


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have replaced the post-registration education and practice (PREP) standards with the Revalidation standards.


All Nurses and midwives must meet the Revalidation standards when they renew their registration every three years. Individuals who fail to meet revalidation standards are not legally able work in the United Kingdom within the profession.


What are the Revalidation standards:


1. A minimum of 450 practice hours within the last three years. This scope of practice can be direct patient care, management, education, policy or research in a wide range of health, social care and independent care settings.

2. Undertaking a minimum of 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over 3 years related to the role they are in; 20 hours should be participatory learning (learning with others).

3. To obtain at least five pieces of practice related feedback , which can be from patients, carers, service users, students, colleagues and annual appraisals

4. Reflection and discussion through a minimum of 5 written reflections on the code, practice and CPD

5. Declaration of health and character

6. Confirmation of professional indemnity arrangements

7. Confirmation from the ‘Confirmer’ for the purpose of verifying the declarations


Although individual staff have a responsibility for meeting their revalidation requirements Medbank Healthcare will support staff by having systems, processes, capacity and resources to help you comply with revalidation.


How will Medbank Healthcare help me with my Revalidation:


Medbank Healthcare will help our nurses and midwives understand the proposed changes to current requirements and how revalidation will impact them and their practise. There are many areas in which Medbank Healthcare will support its Nurses with Revalidation, to name a few;

  • A designated lead to oversee the implementation of revalidation.
  • Staff are facilitated to meet their appropriate CPD requirements.
  • Staff receive six monthly appraisals which can deliver the NMC requirements for revalidation and help identify any training gaps. Comprehensive records are kept of all appraisals.
  • Access to CPD courses
  • Comprehensive records of number of hours worked are logged onto our system.
  • A Confirmer to provide confirmation about the reliability of the staff declaration.
  • Our Information system records and identifies our staffs current registration status and will prompt when PIN number expiry dates are approaching and when validation dates are due.
  • We obtain regular feedback from the care establishments which can be used for practice related feedback to reflect on their practice.
  • Communicate to the nurses and midwives the changes and new requirements under revalidation.


For more information on Revalidation please contact our Compliance team on 0121 420 2200.


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