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How long does the Registration Process take?
This is largely in your hands. If you can provide all of the required documentation immediately then you should be able to start work as soon as your DBS  comes  back!  In the  meantime  we  would complete the remainder of our necessary checks such as references, health checks etc and provide the mandatory training. Please check the 'candidates' page to view the list of information you must bring in order to register with us.
I already have a DBS with another company, do i still need to have a disclosure done with Medbank?
Yes, DBS's are non transferable, every care worker working for Medbank must have a DBS done with us and updated on an annual basis. To avoid having to update this on an annual basis please see the below question and answer.


How do I subscribe to the DBS update service?
The update service has an annual subscription fee of £13 and you must subscribe within 14 days of your DBS certificate being issued. Please click on the following link for more information https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service


What are the benefits of subscribing to the DBS update service?

·         You won’t have to pay a further £55 every year to update your Medbank Healthcare DBS

·         You won’t have to apply and pay for a separate DBS for every other organisation you join.

·         It saves you time

·         One DBS is all you may ever need

·         You are in control of your own DBS certificate

Do I receive any training and how much will this cost me?
Medbank provides all our members with annual Mandatory training updates, these are carried out at our offices. We provide all the train-
ing for free to our members, all you have to do is turn up and pass the tests!


Who do I call if there is a problem?
Our phones are manned 24/7. If you have a problem and need to speak to us then please call us anytime on 0121 420 2200.
Please note; only telephone us outside 9am-6pm for emergencies only.

What should I wear on duty ?
Our members must always wear Medbank Uniforms on duty. These will be supplied to you on induction. Please note; there are
instances where you would not wear the Medbank uniform, e.g. in theatres, or certain Support work.


What happens if I can only work certain days and times?
That's fine! Once you are registered with us, just let us know when you are free and we will book shifts for you! You can let us
know by phone or why not email your availability info@medbankhealthcare.com

Will I have a manager/contact to speak to if I am ill or have any concerns/questions?
Yes! Everyone who works with us are provided with a designated booking consultant. You will always speak to a familiar voice.
All of the Medbank team are very friendly and you'll get to know us no time!

Am I entitled to Holidays/holiday pay?
Yes! Whether you work for us part time or full time you are still entitled to holiday pay. Please ask your booking team for more

What happens if I dont submit my timesheet in time?
Try to submit your timesheets on time but if you forget then its not the end of the world! Unfortunately it would mean you
wouldn't be paid that week, however you'll be paid on the very next payroll.

What if I would like a full time or permanent position?
Great! Many of our  members  work for us full  time and have done for years. As an  agency  we cannot guarantee full time
permanent hours, but we have so much work coming in that you shouldn't find any difficulty with being provided the hours
you need.

I want to refer someone to work with Medbank, do I get a fee?
Yes, Provided they are a Registered Nurse! As soon as they register with us and work a certain number of shifts then the 'free'
money is yours! Please see 'Refer a Friend' for more information.

Do you pay milage?
If any of our clients approves travel expenses then yes! However we do not pay travel expense as standard. You will notice
however, our excellent rates of pay which should more then cover your expenses.

I have no experience, can i work for you?
Unfortunately we only recruit experienced care workers, but the good news is once you have a minimum of 6 months
experience then give us a call and we will interview you.

Can you provide me work in a hospital?
Yes, Medbank are approved suppliers of Nurses to the NHS. Give us a call, let us know your area of expertise and we
will register you with us.


What do i do when I have run out of timesheets?
You can either i) download a timesheet from this website ii) visit our branch during opening hours and pick some up, or
iii) telephone us and we will post some out to you.


How do I submit my timesheets?
Please ensure you have correctly completed your timesheet and you can submit them either via post, fax, e-mail or hand-
delivered. Once sumitted it's worth contacting us to ensure we have received them! Please note incorrectly filled timesheets
may cause delay in payment.


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